Choices Beget Judgements, Which Again is a Choice!

“It is your choice to have sex outside marriage and if he chooses the same, do not call him a womanizer then. Because it is his right to make an opinion about it, it is his choice to call you whatever he wants”. And then it will be your choice to slap him and then again he can choose to harm you in whatever manner he wants to..but you are not allowed to freak out then, because it was your choice to have sex outside marriage.
Doesn’t this sounds like a confusing state of democracy, where everyone is fighting because he has a right to choose to hurt the other person and the other person has some freaking choice as well. My God—That ‘Vogue Woman empowerment video-My Choices’ has really managed to freakout my thoughts and has made me outscore even Kamal R Khan when it comes to absurdity. I am still figuring out what is Ms. Padukone and of course the director is trying to convey with the video, except for the word CHOICE. I watched the video thrice to make sure if I am not hearing anything wrong. On the first place why is it even potrayed as something related to “Woman Empowerment”? I did not find even a single sentence meant to preach woman empowerment. Please correct me if I am going wrong but seriously I can’t find anything empowering except for making choices, and not repenting.

I have always believed that if someone has the capability to get him or herself heard then he must influence people in the right possible way. Because if he does so even in a slightly wrong manner he promulgate a wrong message to a vast audience. Something similar is happening here. Ms. Padukone is a famous personality who is actually admired by many young and old female fraternity. I personally like her very much for the way she takes stand for her actions or choices and of course for the super amazing acting talent she has. However, she went a bit overboard with her usage of CHOICE in this video. You have your own choice and I have my own—this doesn’t really work in real life. Yes, freedom and choices are extremely important part of any relationship but what she is talking about here is an extreme version of freedom, which ruins that delicate bond. If we buy her logic, people will be allowed to do certain things without taking responsibility for it in the wake of CHOICES.
We are free indivduals and can do whatever we want to, we can make the choices we want to, take decisions that are just selfish, but then people too would have an opinion about us. They, too, would have a choice to talk about usina certain manner, which then shouldn’t offend us. They will say things about us because that will be their choice to defame us and, as she says, we shouldn’t feel offended. But does that really happens Ms. Deepika? Everyone can make choices, be selfish about it and not care how their loved ones feel about it. Why not? Of course they can, but then who takes the responsibility of unintended conslusions that will follow? Will you Ms. Padukone? Nobody would, especially in a country like ours where almost everything is a taboo. It’s not only about our society, it is about this world as a society, everyone has to take responsibility of his choices, be it anyone. I am not calling any society as a pervert one, it is not about that, it is about the imbalance such CHOICES can create.

A girl can eat as much as she can, it is her choice to get fat, but then she shouldn’t expect any handsome hunk to marry her–it will be his choice then. Hope all the girls supporting that video will now be able to distinguish the fine line between using freedom and taking freedom for granted. However, I am not here to show people the right way or the wrong way towards something, it is just my opinion or CHOICE to react to the vedio. Also, I am reacting to this because I have little sisters who admire Ms. Padukone very much and they are too naive to understand that all what she is a part of is not necessarily correct. Especially after she came up with the depression thing, which was indeed a good effort to lend a helping hand to people who goes through depression.
And yes not going by your choices everytime is a far less price one can pay to get a healthy relationship. When I say relationship here I am not just referring to two people romantically related, I mean all the relations in general. Woman empowerment is something this world badly needs, but this is not the right way of preaching it. The thought is still unheard in most of the parts where woman empowerment is actually needed–the marginalised sections of our society. This video is seen by most of us –the people who belongs to a little uplifted part of the society and not by the ones who truely needs empowerment.

P.S: Thanks for the KAMAL R KHAN idea Mr. Sharma(Can’t disclose the full name). I would often use it now. 🙂

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