I Am A Woman…Incompetent To Men!

Food for thought-  I have been working all my lives to be equal to my counterpart, just to realize in the end that in this fight of equality , I have lost all what I originally had. 

From ‘Today’s Woman!

The title itself invites some ‘over-the-top’ responses like–‘Oh sure! you cannot’  or  ‘who said you can?” . However, for a change, I don’t really care. Yes, you heard me, I don’t really care!  I don’t care if I am feeble, if I am less intrepid, if I am capricious or volatile. To be equal to men in every sphere of life does not interests me much now. Did I try to be equal to men earlier? Yes, most definitely I did, owing to the amount of fear the horrific incidents instills in me, owing to the social stigma attached to being a girl in our society I tried to make peace with all the  bullshit going around.


Today when I look back and see things, they are all the same. My trying hard has made no impact on the world, it still thinks of me as a small feeble being who will always be two steps behind. What I lost in all these years of being equal to our counterparts is being who I actually am. God created two species “Men and Women” with different capabilities and different set of duties. In trying to do things what men can do, woman forgot doing what she was actually meant for. In trying to be equivalent to men, women have lost all what she originally had. We are different and we must learn to celebrate the difference rather than living on a fallacy of equality. I do not want to be on the same platform where men are , because the truth is men fight their own battle too, they have their own idiosyncrasies owing to which they go through their own situations, which we, may be, can never even think of.

The world works on equilibrium or balance or the theory of yin-yang, which many people don’t really get. But it does. The difference between a man and a woman is obvious, not just apparently ….even otherwise. I was a part of this conversation the other day where people were arguing about who is better, men or women. I rarely had anything special to say so I chose to just listen. All the girls gave many examples of girls reaching the other planets and hence making a difference to “girls community”. How does these things even matter when we discuss such issues today?

Woman can never be equal to men, and vice- versa.. and here I am not talking about the mental capabilities of anyone. Even if a woman is a trained fighter she just cannot fight ten men attempting to rape her. This is, however, another part of the story. As long as I am comfortable in being who I am, I am doing the duties demanded of me, well, I don’t want to be equal to men in any way. I would rather prefer being complimentary to them !