Hokay!! I had a holiday the previous day which gave me plenty of time to read and write. I was going through my About section..and I realized that a lot inside me has changed and that I was missing some of things that must be there in this section. Though  I don’t have special things to say about myself nor have I done something major in my life that I should be proud of, but I still want to write something which makes me feel like “The real me”.

Starting with the writing part…yes I do love it. However bad I may be at it, I still love it and I love the idea of fantasizing about “Me: An Awesome Writer In Making” .  I just can’t get off the thought of me being a wonderful writer. 😉

I have one major heart-breaking habit of not pretending. I JUST CANNOT PRETEND and when it becomes necessary sometimes,the moments suffocate me. I am a very simple person who likes to be herself..no matter what!  Despite all odds I am the person who loves her family and her country–like REALLY LOVE  ‘EM, who likes to be free, free of –judgments, fears, notions, do’s, donts. I am one hell of a girl who takes the thought of wearing t-shirts and jeans on her wedding day very seriously, who feels “pajamas’ are the best outfit in her wardrobe, who thinks sophistication is just a word, who can watch TAKEN and LIAM NEESON for like ever, who very firmly believes that she has to save the country by being in one of those ‘intelligence wings’…funny though, but then “we are the kings of our thoughts” 🙂 I can still write a lot more about the beliefs I have, things I think and dreams I want to chase, but then time is calling me.

P.S : Damn reality, I want magic to happen!!

11 thoughts on “About

  1. I love finding others who KNEW that they had to write from a very young age!!!
    From the time I could read… it just intrigued me that people actually “wrote” what I was reading. I wanted to be one of those chums that had people looking for books under my name!
    Weird for a seven year old to think thoughts like that but I can remember thinking that as clearly as if it were yesterday! So glad to have found you. I love your writing style. I don’t easily click “Follow” any longer… but I had to here today!

    • You have no idea how much that means to me being new to this blogging word. So thanks and hugs for this 🙂 🙂 :). I might be over reacting but this is actually a nostalgic moment for me. And when it comes to your passion, age is just a number;whether you are seven year old or 100 for that matter. Went through a couple of your writings (the likes are my evidence ;)) and liked them very much.

      P.S: I have developed (off late) out of no where this habit of writing P.S and parenthesis with my writings. Excuse me if it is irritating (but I truly think that it’s a writers thing) 😉

  2. At least there are a few people left who don’t PRETEND. And yeah, Liam Neeson is totally awesome in Taken, the Director deserves some credit as well.

    Also, what do I call you? Serenawanderwodsen? Kanika44? Thoughtsthatforge?

    • Hahhhahaaaa you can call me thoughts. I am sorry for multiple name changes. Earlier I genuinely had no idea that these name changes could be so confusing for fellow bloggers and my own self. And about Liam Neeson —he is more than awesome for me. I don’t really understand why I happen to like most of the old actor fraternity. Anyway, thank you for stopping by! Keep visiting 🙂

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