Choices Beget Judgements, Which Again is a Choice!

“It is your choice to have sex outside marriage and if he chooses the same, do not call him a womanizer then. Because it is his right to make an opinion about it, it is his choice to call you whatever he wants”. And then it will be your choice to slap him and then again he can choose to harm you in whatever manner he wants to..but you are not allowed to freak out then, because it was your choice to have sex outside marriage.
Doesn’t this sounds like a confusing state of democracy, where everyone is fighting because he has a right to choose to hurt the other person and the other person has some freaking choice as well. My God—That ‘Vogue Woman empowerment video-My Choices’ has really managed to freakout my thoughts and has made me outscore even Kamal R Khan when it comes to absurdity. I am still figuring out what is Ms. Padukone and of course the director is trying to convey with the video, except for the word CHOICE. I watched the video thrice to make sure if I am not hearing anything wrong. On the first place why is it even potrayed as something related to “Woman Empowerment”? I did not find even a single sentence meant to preach woman empowerment. Please correct me if I am going wrong but seriously I can’t find anything empowering except for making choices, and not repenting.

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Mahatma Gandhi Was Correct About Freedom!


Nirbhaya episode is history now. History, usually, is supposed to teach its readers some kind of a lesson, but this is different you see. After the tragic incident happened, after the uproar and agitation that followed, after people (again) became complacent of what all happened I very much awaited this moment. The moment when I could actually sit back and listen, what the convicts had to say. I always wondered how would these rape  convicts have felt after they were harshly punished by our law. Did the punishment change what they think about their crime? Or do they realize what happened was a crime? And,you see, my wait was worth the response–it didn’t disappoint me at all.

“A girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy.When being raped, she shouldn’t fight back. She should just be silent and allow the rape. Then they’d have dropped her off after ‘doing her’, and only hit the boy.You can’t clap with one hand – it takes two hands. A decent girl won’t roam around at 9 o’clock at night. A girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy. Boy and girl are not equal. Housework and housekeeping is for girls, not roaming in discos and bars at night doing wrong things, wearing wrong clothes. About 20 per cent of girls are good. The death penalty will make things even more dangerous for girls. Before, they would rape and say, ‘Leave her, she won’t tell anyone.’ Now when they rape, especially the criminal types, they will just kill the girl. Death.” Mukesh Singh (Convict in Nirbhaya Rape Case)

What a super cool statement it is! I am impressed I must say! He is right -A girl is far more responsible for the rape than a boy. How? Let’s throw some light on a couple of mistakes she is responsible for:

Mistake no. 1: Dude! She has better legs than a guy has, better chest, better butts and better persona. Also, she has a very little physical strength that eventually makes her responsible for not stopping rapists.

Mistake no. 2: She takes freedom too seriously man! She thinks M.K Gandhi and other freedom fighters were serious when they bragged about “Swaraj”. How dare she roam around fearless, in short dresses and that too at night. My God, she is just nobody to do that. She is not a guy after all.

Mistake no. 3: You know what she is one hell of that idiotic person who gives way too much importance to our Constitution. Article 14 tells us something about equality. Arey.. but to quote this legend “Boys and Girls are not equal”! The discos aren’t for girls, they are just for guys.

Mistake no. 4: How senseless she sounds when she talks about going out, earning money, working hard and helping her partner to make two ends meet! Even if all this involves being stalked at, being assaulted sometimes, being raped and some other senseless worries. What a fool she is!

There was one friend of mine, who was very much adamant about everything. This adamant nature of his many a times brought pointless beatings and thrashings to him. Instead of making him understand the “substance” of the mistake he made, his mom diluted it by beating him. And one fine day he made a serious mistake without fearing the repercussions. I asked him about the reason behind this fearlessness. He said ” mom will beat me and get away, she can’t stop me from doing any of this, as I am accustomed to these thrashings now.” This statement from the convict reminds me of that friend. He is not afraid of even death sentence as far as he is concerned about fulfilling his desire to physically assault a woman and rape her. How easily he said death penalties would make the situation worst for girls! As if he is punishing girls for the punishment he received for raping a woman. What a great way of disguising the crime! What a shame he is to human kind!  We, the people of India talk about freedom. I don’t know on what basis? Yes, MR. Gandhi was right about freedom when he said

Real Swaraj is self-rule or self-control” . If people of the country has no self-control, there is no point in raising the flag of freedom. Who is free here? Not me and the rest of the girls of our country at least. We can’t wear short dresses in a country as free as India, we cannot move out at night in a country as free as India, we cannot raise our voices (or we can be raped to death) in a country as free as India.

Your people are failing you Mr. Gandhi! They didn’t really understand freedom when you talked about “Swaraj”. It is self-control first that leads to freedom, because it is our duty to serve ourselves and our thoughts first, to free our thoughts from desire to seek pleasure at the cost of other’s lives.

Anyway! Mr. Rapist, you disgust me to an extent that  writing ‘rapist’ in this write-up is less abusive  than writing your name here. YOU ARE A SHAME TO HUMAN KIND!

P.S:  What did you mean when you said discos aren’t for girls.What? You mean, you want to have gay encounters out there?  

Why It Is So Hard To Say Good Bye?

The name is ‘Goodbye’ which has nothing ‘Good’ in it. It is always, always very hard to bid a goodbye. Even if you are leaving something you hated all your life, even if you thought, going would be the best thing that can happen to you..your heart always feels that little hunch inside when you realize that you are never going to see the person or place ever. It is difficult to move when you leave something behind and when you are the one to be left behind, the heart-ache gets deeper.


No matter what, you leave a tiny bit of your heart everywhere you go. You say it thousand times before leaving the place, but it feels important to say a ‘BYE’ at the final move.




P.S: Kitni bar bhi keh do, ek aakhiri bar kehna kyun zaruri hota hai

The Curious Case of Nosy Neighbors!

Hello bloggers!!! It took me a while to resurrect, but anyhow I am back—not with the BANG of course! But yes I am just back. It feels good to be here, great actually. And ‘feeling good’ is more than a reason to be somewhere.

However, unfortunately people around us take a bit long to understand this fact. That this ‘feel good’ factor is one imperative thing to do something or anything in life. We all have this (in) famous neighbor fraternity, who wants to keep a genuine check about all the important happenings in our lives. If someone from India is reading this, he might have understood what I am talking about. These neighbors are so incredibly concerned about our lives that they can miss a breath for all the gossips. The other day while travelling in a local city transport bus I overheard a conversation between a girl (G) and her neighbor (N).Yes, I knew about their being neighbors because of the so obvious and talkative N.

neighboring gossiping

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Indifference:More hurtful than outright dislike!

It’s not about  time, it’s all about the priorities—you must stay in touch—it’s a secret to  good life—blah blah blah…all those silly things, which are by the way true. A buddy from college called me up.. some one week back. We talked for 2 minutes and then I had to keep down the phone. She called again but I didn’t pick. And hence again..but I didn’t pick —because I was busy all the times. And to everyone’s dismay it was a Sunday.

Friends for life

Friends forever

In the end she dropped a text on my cell phone and I swear it felt like the words were about  to slap me really hard. Anyways the text said:

“I am not going to call you ever again. It’s more than two months that we’ve not talked. At the first place you never call and whenever I call, you never pick. Whenever I text, you never bother to reply back. What the hell are you busy with?


Oh don’t even try and give me this crap. Who is not busy? Everyone is! I was super busy when I was working away from home but still I managed to give you a call. I am done with this friendship now. It is just a burden for you. Goodbye!”

Heavy?? I know it is.

But that’s how life has turned. Super busy and wrapped in a routine, which allows no one to enter except the food, papa’s call, work, Friday fantasies and a little sleep. However, I fought a lot to dodge my mistake, but deep down in my heart I realized… That no matter how busy you are, relationships are important.

“I had the best intentions, but I was busy” –The excuse will not work when one day you’ll have nobody to look forward to. No friends, no family—nothing! When you’ll have a lot of balance in your cell phone, but no one to call! When you’ll have  bank balance, but no one to hang out with!  Technology has made everything so damn easy. We can stay in touch with people at almost every corner of the world. But we don’t’…oohh sorry I don’t. Why?

I am still trying to figure out. And in the meanwhile I am making a list of people I should stay in touch with. But whether I find out the answer or not, I know now that yes..Staying in touch is important. Being nice to the people on your way up, is important. Because the same are going to meet you on your way down!

Call, text, chat, or do whatever—but try and stay in touch at least with the close ones! It’s not about the long phone chats or calls. Dropping a morning and an evening message everyday would do a lot. A 5 minute call would make them think that you remember them—and trust me, that’s enough.

For my power-puff girl (that’s what I call my female friends who are not bloggers): If you’re reading this anyhow, thanks for being a wonderful friend to me. You’ll always be special!

P.S: People are more important than your car’s leather seats that never hug, laptops that never speak and money that can never buy love.

Leaving you a song from my track list. Stay tuned!

In the kingdom of truth, context is the king!


Truth, they say, is perceived differently by everyone and everybody has their own versions of truth. When we tell someone about something and talk by making ourselves as the central point. We make sure to keep ourselves in the comfort zone, so that our own statements should never sound like oxymoron. In the kingdom of truth context is the king, but if you have no contextual evidence. Then?

So what does this mean? Are we trying to prove ourselves correct and the other person wrong? No, not at all! May be we just go with the flow of emotions, making no room for understanding. We are just too hurt to understand anything that makes sense. Yes, of course the other one can be manipulative but can never be completely wrong. He has his part of the story and you have yours. He talks about his perspective and you talk about yours. And in the end you are left in lurch with no one to blame around. All this is a confused set of statements with a question mark.

Heads: I am right!

Tails: You’re right!

Mind: No one is wrong!

Heart: Screw everything and breathe!

Now who is right? God damn just tell me who the hell is right? Yes we shout like insanes in our heads to search for an answer—a freaking answer. But at the end when we sit down, think sanely, our mind still tells us to shut up and let things go! And that we should behave like—-that was your perspective and this was mine, so forget everything and shake hands!

But Haaaaaaaaaaa dude!!—it’s too late to shake hands because we are already enemies in our heads!

P.S: Think before you act to avoid unintended conclusions. Either avoid repercussions or learn to live with them!

This is one of my “blue days”—-so a song from my track list.

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A star in making: Dreamy Eyes and Dusty shoes!


A thousand, a lakh, or even more than that! Ok, wait, people say that talking statistically sounds more intelligent and clear, so even I’ll give it a try.  So figures say that India has 241 million young people and out of them 1/3rd heads to the city of dreams every year. And only 5% of them vividly see their dream reaching their set standards. What happens to the rest 95%? Well, cases like “Jiah Khan’s catastrophe” say it all!

I am referring to her particularly because probably she was eminent and a star in making, but many such lives (or deaths rather) go unseen who opt suicide over struggle. “Suicide over struggle” might sound harsh, for I can never know what these aspiring actors go through. And this recent case has no new angle to it, if you’ve heard of Parveen Babi, Viveka Babajee, Silk Smitha , Nafisa Joseph and many more. But what were the reasons that these beautiful souls found deaths easier than living? Well, there is a whole long procedure to it, where a youngster enters Mumbai with dreamy eyes and dusty shoes– moves violently to craft his career—suffer denunciation—try again—again a rebuff–hop into a sea of compromises and ugly situations—-crave for any bloody role—-get frustrated—-can’t go back home—and finally die.

And there are a few (momentarily) lucky ones who manages to escape the whole process—get a great break like jiah in Nishabd—feel the early success—make rich boyfriends/girlfriends—enjoy life—andwhen rejections follow—start screwing their lives—and then die. Industry is not an easy game unless people know the rules to crack the system actually. It is a vicious circle where some lucky ones make it large, less lucky ones plunk somewhere in between and the rest sink and go unnoticed. It is a voracious animal that haul out life bit by bit. No one clearly knows why Jiah Khan committed suicide. But either this new lad Suraj Pancholi was the reason or it was depression, the core reason is not secreted from anyone.

From what I have observed so far, this ravenous hungry “Industry Animal” is more likely to attack girls. May be they are an easy catch or may be they choose to be an easy catch. But when all hopes just die out and a ceiling fan seems the only option left, they chose the latter.

It’s tear-jerking to see youngsters end their lives like this but honestly …..only lucky ones can survive Showbizz!

P.S: We hope Jiah Khan rest in Peace wherever she may be right now!


A world where “God” is just another word!

Monsters and Gods lies within us….There are no monsters under your beds or behind that curtain …..there is no God in those pictures and statues unless he is  within you.
Everything is within you… if you believe he is right here and if you don’t….he is absolutely no one.!


The far I stretch the horizons of my memory, the more perplexed my thoughts turn out to be. My thoughts about our belief in God, about his existence and his magnitude! Either I am too young to figure out or I am too benighted to understand the history. But as far as I can go down the memory lane, I can only see the divided world having Hindu deities, Christian Gods, Islamic Allah’s, Jews Elohim and (to everyone’s surprise) there is a lot more.

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