Damn Reality..I Want Magic To Happen!!


That’s too absurd of a statement I know, but this is one thing that my heart longs for. As we grow up and start understanding life and the fact that there is no damn thing like magic, we stop dreaming! We populate our minds with pessimistic thoughts like ‘how can I do it when many great people failed at it?’ ‘I don’t want a great life; I just want a simple life’. All nonsense, who doesn’t want a great life, who doesn’t want to get famous for any good work they do, who doesn’t want to earn lots of money and who doesn’t want to live a magical life? I am sure each one of us. I want every bit of this. Deep down a “YES” pops out from some corner of every heart to all these questions. Then what stops us from living the kind of life we always wanted. May be our presumptions about the pre-requisites of doing great things! I don’t have a pen so I can’t write for now (but being a writer is my dream)—you can go buy it or borrow it or write with a pencil may be. I don’t have a tread mill and don’t have time to go jog (but I do want a sexy looking physique)—you can take stairs instead of lift to your office.

These are just petty examples how badly we procrastinate things, leave things for tomorrow that’s never going to come, stop dreaming and stop believing in the magic of life! The magic and spark within us, that can actually make us do great things in life. That can make our reality equal to a magical life!

I am not writing these days, wanted to put something really nice here, but ended up with this. However, I want to make my life magical…like really really great, because I am fed up with the reality I am living in. I hate routines….I failed at something I was doing to escape my boring routine, which is why I was just motivating myself by writing this.

I am hoping I would carry-on with all the enthusiasm again!

Everyone have a good day!

Inside A Woman..

A woman’s mind, as men say, is the most intricate puzzle to solve. The ocean of thoughts and emotions are bit too much to comprehend. Their unprecedented bent towards emotional side of a situation or thing or a person is most of the time labeled as being ’emotional fools’ by their counterparts.

It has always been an unsolved mystery for me to understand people’s logic of connecting being emotional with being wretched. If a woman is high on emotion, does that mean she’s this wretched personality who goes into the hyper-state for no big reason? At least, men around me (except a few) make me feel like that.  I am a very emotional person, hands down, and I have no embarrassment in writing this. I feel heart-throbbing when I see unlucky souls sleeping on the countryside, I feel like crying when I am helpless in giving a helping hand to kids who can’t study, I feel like slapping that bastard who tries to make dirty moves on the girl standing by, …and I feel more humane doing these things. I mean Yes there are plenty of other things to feel more humane but if these are labeling me an “emotional fool” I am completely fine with the label.

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If I were the Prime Minister…

There comes a time in almost everyone’s life when the the disturbed surroundings make us say things like “If I were at his place, I would have done….” Our exasperation and discontent leaves no room for our mind to silently reiterate the thought that popped out a few seconds back.

A few days back I was asked this question by a fellow worker. He walked angrily and sat on his seat in a little disturbing manner. “What would be the first thing you do, if you become the prime minister of this country?” he asked. My inability to utter any reply made me realize how tough the question was! The level of difficulty in this question is decided by the differences in perspectives. Whether we are watching it from the closest level or the farthest one,  what are things are we looking at while deciding to answer the question,  through whose perspective we are viewing the entire picture? The three sentences above changed the level of a simple question asked generally by a friend.


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Simple Pleasures Of Life

We are humans at its core!

That almost sounds like  a weird combination of words depicting something which is already barefaced. Yes,  we are humans and we know this hands down! Really? Or do we know Facebook more, or whatsapp or any social media interface for that matter? Understanding the latter sounds far more interesting, right? Yes may be for a few poor souls, but I have this one small part of my heart which is anti-technology. Not that I hate it, its just that I don’t like it. I hope you guys understand the difference.


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Day 10–Dear Ms. Laughter

I am participating in the 30 Days Letter Challenge where you write one letter each day. This is the tenth letter, which is addressed to the person you miss the most.

I am lagging way behind in writing these letter challenges. However, I will not miss out on any letter even if I go for one letter a week.

Dear Ms. Laughter,

This was your trademark–LAUGHTER–whenever you used to laugh, you dreaded the entire floor with your horrifying yet scintillating laughter. Every time you cracked a joke  with that guffaw, the latter part was the subject of most of the amusement. You were a different person altogether than what you are now. You were the life of everything you were a part of.


You made everyone happy and believing. Life can be so unpredictable at times, everything changed with a blink of an eye. The years we spent together were the best years of my life. You always said and you say it even now “I don’t want a difficult life, if it can be a piece of cake I want to be the first one to grab the cake. I want an easy simple luxurious life. Period”. I am the first person today who wants the same for you–I want you to be happy, healthy, rich and strong.

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Day 9- Dear Non-existent

I am participating in the 30 Days Letter Challenge where you write one letter each day. This is the ninth letter, which is addressed to your favorite internet friend.

Dear Non-existent,


I am an ambivert as I’ve already mentioned in couple of my letters. This particular word engraved in me doesn’t allow me to talk much–be it online, off line, to strangers, or newly made friends. However, once I indulge in talks, I am difficult to stop. I am a bore sometimes and I am ‘life of the party’ in the other –all depends on the mood and the surrounding crowd.  Am I going off the track? Yeah, may be. So, this letter is addressed to you Mr. or Ms. Non-existent a.k.a ‘a favorite internet friend’. This clearly depicts that I don’t have any favorite internet friend or lemme think…ummmm…actuallly I don’t really have any unknown or known favorite friend on internet.

I know social media is a timeless legend, which has proved to be a match maker in innumerable cases.  But for me its nothing more than a life savior–sorry if I am hurting sentiments, but it is. I interact with many new people online–most of them exists in my WordPress reader section, but I don’t think I am FRIENDS with somebody. Yes, the ones I know in person are worth every second of life and I love them all. May be my concept of FRIENDSHIP is a bit overboard..or may be I am a little off center today……writing things that are making less sense. I had been into this blind Gmail chat with some unknown lad long back in college. The experience was disastrous…so I just allowed my instincts to rule over my wishes since then. Moreover, this routine-wrapped life relegates everything that tries to break it of. Dear non-existent please be the way you are–away from me. I know that sounds rude but as they say ‘ignorance is worst than rudeness’. You never know you might save your self from a massive heart-break, by not getting in touch with me. 😉

Ohkay enough of throwing this wrath upon you. This is seeming too good to be true..I mean how easy life would be if we could do this on our every ‘blue’ days. Throw your wrath upon any non-existent person and get along–without worrying about the revert.



P.S: If I ever had any unknown internet friend and if that friend reading this piece…just shift+delete all those memories. 🙂

Day 8–Dear Ms. Angel

I am participating in the 30 Days Letter Challenge where you write one letter each day. This is the eighth letter, which is addressed to a deceased person you wish you could talk to.

Dear Ms. Angel,

‘Don’t wait for something until it’s gone. Don’t wait to say what you want to, until you lose the person forever. For then there will be nothing you can do to bring them back, no matter how hard you try’

Happy Teachers' Day

Happy Teachers’ Day

Okay, let’s just begin with a ‘Hi’. So how are things up there? I have been told that people who do good deeds find a place in heavens. I am afraid where they would have placed you..because you crossed all the limits of being nice to the world. If you were reading this, you would’ve raised your brow with that attitude “Thank you, I know I am lovely”! I loved that about you ma’am. I loved that about you– the art of loving yourself beautifully. How did you do that?

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