Inside A Woman..

A woman’s mind, as men say, is the most intricate puzzle to solve. The ocean of thoughts and emotions are bit too much to comprehend. Their unprecedented bent towards emotional side of a situation or thing or a person is most of the time labeled as being ’emotional fools’ by their counterparts.

It has always been an unsolved mystery for me to understand people’s logic of connecting being emotional with being wretched. If a woman is high on emotion, does that mean she’s this wretched personality who goes into the hyper-state for no big reason? At least, men around me (except a few) make me feel like that.  I am a very emotional person, hands down, and I have no embarrassment in writing this. I feel heart-throbbing when I see unlucky souls sleeping on the countryside, I feel like crying when I am helpless in giving a helping hand to kids who can’t study, I feel like slapping that bastard who tries to make dirty moves on the girl standing by, …and I feel more humane doing these things. I mean Yes there are plenty of other things to feel more humane but if these are labeling me an “emotional fool” I am completely fine with the label.

From her childhood to the teenage to being a companion, a daughter-in-law, a mother, a friend (to the kids and husband), a mother-in-law, and finally a grandmother, she has a lot roles to play. And just to make an impact–the roles written above are not just roles; they come with other strings attached–responsibilities! Responsibilities related to understanding the underlying depths of behaviors of her kids, and her better-half, responsibilities involving taking care of everyone close (minus herself), responsibilities of walking hand-in-hand with her better half to make two ends meet with quite an ease. And if she’s still left with some energy, she’ll take a minute to peep inside her–where countless changes happen during the course of time. She chooses everything else that make her loved ones feel better, and leaves her own self behind. Any woman can become anything she wants to, but she chooses to be a mother and a wife first. The people around her, however, find it difficult to understand her inner turmoil. She may not be the first hope but she’s certainly the best who’ll go any lengths to make you feel secure!

It is easy to appreciate her beautiful smile and killing curves but it needs depth to understand the desolate eyes. Its easy to pass comments on the dresses she wear but needs sense to digest the fact that “she’s a free citizen, can wear anything she likes and it is men who have to have self-control”. Yes, a few sensible ones may have insight to go beyond the physical attributes of a woman but, they, unfortunately  get lost among all the fishes who spoil the pond. There are times when she ignores your ignorance and tolerates your flaws..there are times when she swallows her pride and embrace yours. She might be demanding, might talk too much, might over-reacts, might have mood swings—but she’s all this only because you’ve made her believe that no matter what “you’ll always be by her side”.  There is a lot inside a women, many can never understand. I lived at some place once where a man, everyday, use to hit her wife for no big reason and all I could do is nothing. I was a kid and may be too young to intervene between two unknown people. The lady was expecting a baby when that dunce use to hit her badly. The incident engraved inside me forever–every other victim reminds me of her or of my helplessness to stop that idiot right there. In spite of all the molestation she suffered everyday, the lady stayed with the man only because she had two and a half kids to look after. It’s sad to see in this educated world, how easily women are objectified by their counterparts. It’s utterly sad..!

P.S: Thoughts are too tired and extremely sad to forge into a killing P.S. 😦

6 thoughts on “Inside A Woman..

  1. Oh, my, this is powerful. I could hardly swallow it in one reading. This one had me reading and leaving and reading and leaving. You had so many insightful and powerfully evocative reactions and insights. I will look forward to reading more from you. Great to connect!

  2. I am tired of the men’s ill mentality towards the women. Why dont they understand that we are also human being like them and we dont want to be treated bad by them.

  3. It is an old story now takes a big heart to accept a woman as she is. This world wants one girl to adjust with ten or may be more people, and expect her to stand out perfect in everyone’s eyes.


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