Barbarism Isn’t Uniquely Indian: Something BBC Badly Missed Out On!

Disclaimer: This is not meant to hurt anyone’s sentiments or to defend the convicts. The information is taken from various newspapers!

The BBC documentary  ‘India’s Daughter’ has invoked many agitated reactions. Every section of media is clear and loud about its point on banning the documentary. I have personally seen the documentary and didn’t really like it much. Yes it throws a good deal of light on what happened that night, what the convict has to say and how lawyers defended the convicts. I have already done a post on convict’s filth filled statement in the documentary. The views and rapist mentality can’t get any uglier! How the lawyers reacted and defended the victims even after being given the status of “Gods of Justice” they crossed all the lines of barbarism. However, lawyers’ statement is totally a different aspect, which is out of scope of this post for now.

Coming back to ‘India’s Daughter’-The Documentary. Leslee Udwin’s documentary claims to be a mirror of Indian men mentality. In the beginning, having just overlooked the documentary, I strongly resisted Government Of India’s stance of banning it. Yes, some of our silly politicians have defended this stance by citing stupid examples and giving some over-the-top statements. Like Mr. Home Minister said they banned the film because ” Mukesh Singh’s views is defaming the country”. This is incorrect! What ever he said was sheer nonsense. They say something one day and get away with it because, obviously, they have their political stature at their disposal. However, the documentary gives us some reasons to question its so called claimed objective of “Social Purpose”. I am not defending any side here , when I say that the documentary slandered only Indian men and not the rapists in general This raise questions on why the international media has not done something similar explaining rapes in many other countries, for let’s say ‘Social Purpose’?

Admit it or not but after the 16th December rape case, things have taken a face lift from nothing to something, in relation to dealing with rape cases in our country. Yes, this country has still witnessed multiple rape cases in post-nirbhaya period, which resulted from lack of implementation of investigative measures and the unsafe environments. The documentary portrayed Indian society as a perverted one and not the rapists as real criminals. Yes, it attacks Indian society on the face of it. Even after being a woman I am saying this because the documentary is not fair ( as it claims to be), because it no where shows the action taken by our society and its people after the incident happened. Doesn’t our reaction after the incident also showcase one part of how Indians are? It clearly mocked Indian law and out judicial process by not following the legal advice of not broadcasting the documentary before final verdict of Supreme court. The filmmaker has done a brilliant job in joining the pieces and portraying the picture well, but it just shows Indian share of savagery. Rapes happen everywhere and with the same brutality as in the Nirbhaya’s case ..sometimes even more. From California to Canada to Washington to UK, and everywhere else.

Facts about some rape victims: A Canadian girl was gang-raped in the bus in Glasgow, in front of all the passenger and photographed. She committed suicide after her photograph was spread throughout the internet. The convicts were as young as 13 year old. Then there was this case in California where victim was beaten , stripped, raped and photographed in public. To quote the statement I read somewhere about this ” Some took photographs of the scene and other laughed”. The other day I read in the newspaper about a college student who raped a woman by forcing a vacuum cleaner into a woman’s private parts. Then there was one man who raped a woman by forcing her to lie nude on the snow covered road. Can anyone tell me why most of the people still don’t know about it and the entire world is speaking of Nirbhaya? It is not that speaking the case is wrong, my point is that why these cases from the other side of world doesn’t go beyond local news channels and a few international newspapers? Can we just say, they were trying to be responsible about sensationalizing the issue on international front, just like GOI is doing?
Sexual violence against women is a worldwide issue and societies from all the countries are not doing enough to protect women across the world. Let’s not forget this when we agonize about rapes in India. The amendment in sexual violence laws after December 16 rape case has made victim’s statement enough for prosecution, which is a big advancement in itself. The case becomes a national news (sometimes international) as soon as it happens now, which doesn’t give perpetrators much room to escape. The number of cases being reported are still less, owing to the social stigma attached to it. But things are getting better–as the facts state. To the BBC, the question is if “Social Purpose” was so much necessary then why it didn’t release something similar on Rotherham case? Where nearly 1500 children were sexually assaulted. If the filmmaker and the news channel is so clear about the ‘Social Purpose’ then why did it stopped to showcase ‘society’s mirror’ in Rotherham case? And why didn’t they talked much about sexual abuses committed by T.V and radio host (Celebrity Big Brother fame)Jimmy Savile.
The content that documentary aired is not incorrect, it is just incomplete by showing one sided Indian part of brutality, which once again refrains us from thinking that sexual violence doesn’t stop by switching countries. Rapist mentality is not just Indian, it is even worst outside–as depicted by the examples stated above. And this won’t go with waving of a magic wand! Also, I think the filthy comments from convict doesn’t affect views of other men out there (if they are real men) and neither it adds to the same kind of thinkers. Besides it is very important to know the rapist mentaity as it might prove for addressing sexual violence issues in a better way.

2 thoughts on “Barbarism Isn’t Uniquely Indian: Something BBC Badly Missed Out On!

  1. Agree to the points made. My issue with the video is that why glamorize a rapist, though interesting aspects uncovered. As you said, it’s selective portrayal especially in a country like UK where 200 plus rapes are committed every week. It’s also true that piece meal legislations is a mockery of the system.

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